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Welcome to Sudopedia, your source for in-depth knowledge about the popular game of Sudoku.
Anyone can contribute to Sudopedia. Be bold when you encounter incorrect or incomplete articles. If you possess knowledge about a Sudoku related subject, we invite you to submit an article about it. The Terminology and Strategies pages provide an excellent starting point for those new to Sudoku.


R1C1--Start Here
A good read when you are new to Sudoku
Diagrams and Notations
Learn how the Sudoku community communicates

Table of Contents

Sudoku terms, with brief definitions, in alphabetical order
Techniques for solving Sudoku
A list of the most popular Sudoku discussion forums
Popular Sudoku computer programs
Sudoku solution guides from other sources
Useful websites for Sudoku players
Variations on a Theme
Popular Sudoku variants
Mathematics of Sudoku
How many different Sudoku grids exist? What is the minimum number of givens? Answers here.
Programming Sudoku
Algorithms and data structures: techniques for coding Sudoku solutions

Community Portal

Community Portal
How you can help Sudopedia grow