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Be Bold in fixing Sudopedia

When you encounter an error in one of the articles, be bold and fix it. Sudopedia can only improve when you and your fellow visitors have this attitude. A spelling or grammar error is easy to fix and it improves the credibility of the article. If the text is incorrect, improve it. If an example should be added, add it. If a description is unclear, clarify it.

Don't be afraid to change the work of other people. If you should make a mistake, they will show the same boldness in correcting yours.

... but not Reckless

Be careful in articles that have been identified as controversial. Use the associated discussion page to propose your suggested changes and wait a day before you change the main article.

Think before you completely alter a long article that has been the collaborative work of several contributors. They may not agree with your overhaul.

.. and before making additions

Be a team player. Please read

  • Community Portal wiki page which describes the philosophy of the Sudopedia in more detail.
  • Guidelines wiki page which describes the editing guidelines for the Sudopedia.