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I started this Sudopedia to save and organize the vast amount of Sudoku knowledge that has been accumulated in the last couple of years. Currently, most of this knowledge is only present in forum discussions, where it is not very accessible to new Sudoku players. Long threads exist in which new solving techniques were developed, but there is no summary, no clear explanation of the end results.

It takes a long time before this information finds its way into the few Sudoku Guides that exist on the web. These solving guides are often limited to the techniques supported by the accompanying software and usually protected by copyright.

This Sudopedia should be the collective work of many Sudoku enthusiasts. Currently, it is mainly the work of a few of them. Please join this Wiki to make it more complete and represent the views of more people.

The main indexes need to be checked for completeness. Many Sudoku terms were added and defined lately, but still some are missing or undefined. Check the terminology index to see what you can contribute to this list. Use the accompanying talk page if you are not sure whether or not a term should be added to the list. The solving techniques index is now almost complete. Most techniques are listed, but require more detailed explanations and for many of them examples are still missing. Some advanced techniques only have a very brief introduction.

Your help is very much appreciated.


What can I do to help?

There are several ways you can help to improve Sudopedia, even if you are not a Sudoku expert.


The easiest way to help is by reading what is already written in Sudopedia. Almost every subject in Sudoku has been covered by one or more articles. Read them carefully. Are the articles complete? Do they need more clarification? Add your remarks to the associated discussion page and insert a {{incomplete}} reference in the text, if necessary. If you think that an article requires an (additional) example, insert a {{example}} reference. These references make sure that they show up in the proper To Do lists. When you spot a spelling or grammar error, fix it and mark it as a minor edit.


Come back regularly and check the recent changes. Remove spam and vandalism. Check the following categories for tasks you might take up:


Dump your Sudoku knowledge into Sudopedia. Do not forget the Sudoku Variants, which might be your specialty. Share your knowledge. If you do not know how to format your text in this Wiki, leave that to others. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. We all do, as long as we do something.

"Original research" is allowed and encouraged in Sudopedia. This is unlike Wikipedia's no original research policy.
To maintain uniformity in Sudopedia, some guidelines have been drafted.
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